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TAY (Transitional Age Youth)

TAY is a youth centered case management program. Case management includes access to basic needs, finding short-term and long-term housing, education and career development, physical and emotional wellbeing, and social connections.
Our TAY Program can help you with the following:
  • Employment search
  • Education and career development
  • Assistance finding housing
  • Obtaining vital documents and transportation
  • Self-care and relationship building
  • Volunteer opportunities and life skills
  • Referrals to individual and family therapy
  • Access to substance use counseling

Take the Next Steps

Begin to build, develop, plan, and focus on your future! Meet with our TAY Specialist at least once a week to tailor services that provide support and strength to pursue your goals.

Stop by our California Street, come by yourself, bring a family member or a friend.

Want to refer yourself or another youth to our TAY program? Fill the referral form and one of our specialists will reach out!