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Firearms and Domestic Violence


The presence of firearms in dangerous or abusive situations, including domestic violence, can increase the likelihood of severe injury or fatality. Our communities – especially survivors of domestic violence, must be aware of the many options and resources available when seeking safety.California is a leader in providing legal options to reduce the risk of firearms and increase safety.

All survivors should be treated as unique individuals and empowered to seek the safety measure that best fits their needs. However, it is critical that individuals and service providers understand the significant differences between various legal remedies. In some cases, a variety of legal remedies and perhaps more than one type of civil restraining/protective order may be appropriate. 

You can learn more about the differences between a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) and a Gun Violence Restraining Order (GVRO) in this DVRO vs GVRO document.

To learn what you can do to prevent domestic violence related Firearms Injuries and Fatalities, please visit

If you or a loved one is experiencing domestic violence, please reach out to us to receive free and confidential services:

24/7 Crisis

(209) 465-4878

Fill out a self-referral form to request services or to refer someone you know. 

If you, or someone you know, is in immediate danger, please call 911.

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