2nd Annual Night of Remembrace Vigil

This year's vigil will include a reading of the names of 70 local victims. Women's Center-YFS welcomes family and friends of victims to attend, and encourages them to reach out to Women's Center-YFS to find out how they can become involved in the vigil.

Record's article on last year's event

Victims killed in acts of domestic violence in San Joaquin County

1994 to current

Barbara Abbott, 49
Marybel Aldea, 44
Carla Alexander, 40
Jackie Arata, 57
Janorah Austin, 42
A. Lilia Badillo, 14
Jamie Baker, 30
Kathleen Batman, 34
Pamela Bennett, 40
Lillian Best, 19
Marshawn Black, 22
Michelle Brown, 26
Ashley Burks, 6
Bobby Burks, 4
Mikhala Burks, 5
Pearl Burks, 48
Jennifer Bushnell, 29
Gloria Castro, 40
Chastity A. Cogo, 20
Deanna Copeland, 25
Magdalena Coronado, 35
Evangelina Dumlao, 43
Billi Jo Dyer-Romero, 44
Maria Espinoza, 42
Kathryn Flanagan, 24
Ana Flores-Pineda, 25
Maria Fornaciari, 40
Rebecca Foster, 45
Patricia Hawthorne, 56
Kelly Melissa Guerrero, 34
Sylvia Hernandez, 43
Laura Hopper Lucero, 25
Stacie Housewright, 28
Jorge Jaramillo, 32
Veronica Jones, 35
Esperanza Lanverde, 33
Allison Leedy, 20
Leticia Marquez, 33
Shirley McBride, 35
Robin McClary, 24
Lisa McGarrah-Gunder, 35
Melissa Mendoza, 29
Jennifer Mitchell, 38
Norma Moreno, 63
Jenna Nannetti, 17
Michelle Marie Neuvert, 38
Sailor Marie Neuvert, 4
Wesley Donald Neuvert, 2
Kathryn Nixon, 40
Isidra Ontiveros Garcia, 57
Erica Orsino, 20
Maya Paratore, 35
Eileen Pelt, 20
Norma Pescador, 42
Montin Phiphatsirikajorn, 45
Lucinda Correia Pina, 30
Renee Michelle Ramos, 18
Nora Robles, 47
Leslie Simmons, 32
Sherene Singh, 34
George Sinkfield, 37
Savanda Somvilay, 30
Peggy Ann Spencer, 52
Karen Michelle Sterzl, 36
Stephanie Tellez, 17
Tevanie Tellez, 35
Syville Tram, 40
Stacey Treadway, 26
Deanna Vonwalton, 32
Johnny “Moochie” White, 34
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